Healthy Networks Design and Research

Healthy Networks Design and Research
Designs and helps implement nutrition and healthy living educational, hands-on/experiential, and advisory activities in Berkeley County, Jefferson County, and Morgan County, locally, as well as in other states. The overall goals of these efforts are to:
Teach about nutrient-rich foods and why they are important.
Teach where foods come from (gardening, and class and cafeteria education), forms they can be consumed in, how they are prepared.
Increase consumption of nutrient-rich foods at home and school, especially vegetables and fruits.
Reduce food waste with regards to cafeterias, and in other settings (home, afterschool programs, etc.).
Teach children how to grow and prepare their own food.
Design easy-to-implement programs for children.
Design social media programs to supplement institutional programming, aimed to educate families as a whole


Site Supervisor: Danielle Hollar
19 Hackberry Circle

Shepherdstown, WV 25443-4018

County: Jefferson
Phone: 305-992-4085


VISTA: Tori Weller

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