The Town of Gassaway

The Town of Gassaway aims to increase the activity level of children especially, provide a safe, attractive, interesting gathering place for children, their families and friends, acquire appropriate playground equipment that promotes movement, curiosity, interaction and imagination, and create a Youth Activities Council (YAC) to involve youth of different ages, using their ideas and needs to shape the park. The VISTA Activities would include but may not be limited to : 

•          Collaborate with local residents to provide a plan to develop the park.

•          Research and write grants and set up a calendar of reoccurring grant opportunities

•          Recruit and develop training for volunteers and develop a volunteer recognition program

•          Secure funding for Projects, plan fundraising that may become annual event.

•          Develop press releases and social marketing

•          Develop contacts with local business, schools, service organizations, law enforcement.

•          Complete research as needed.

•          Conduct Outreach

•          Begin to establish sustainability of the programs.

Supervisor: Jeff Skidmore
Supervisor Email:
Address: Elk Street, Gassaway, WV 26624
Phone: (304) 364-5111