2013 Award

Morgan County Partnership

2013 Red Wagon Award

MORGAN COUNTY PARTNERSHIP is the recipient of the 9th annual Red Wagon Award.


Since 2006, the Morgan County Partnership has brought together area non-profits, governmental groups, schools, churches, businesses and volunteers who are united in a shared vision of building a supportive network of resources for young people, their families and others connected with them in order to create a safe, healthy and drug-free community. Through a variety of evidence-based programs, volunteerism and enthusiasm, The Partnership continues to educate, engage and empower youth. In the past year alone, 2,000 area youth have been exposed to The Five Promises.


Mission: To understand the issues facing our youth and families and to work together as a community to resolve those issues in order to provide our kids the support and skills they need to make smart decisions.


Vision: To build a supportive network of resources for our young people, their families and others connected to them in order to create a safe, healthy and drug free community.


The Partnership provides a plethora of opportunities for youth to interact with positive adult role models. The Kids In Community (KIC) Job Shadow & Mentor Program matches youth ages 14-21 with professional mentors to gain professional exposure in the workplace. Another example is the Parent Child Academy (PCA) which is a comprehensive early intervention program designed to help students and their parents interact and learn together to help develop the skills needed to lead healthy, productive lives.


The Partnership provides a variety of safe activities for youth and their families. An anti-bullying group was started at The Catawba Club, a low-income housing community educate youth on bullying prevention. The Partnership also hosted a Bullying Prevention Retreat where students planned, organized and presented anti-bullying statistics, initiatives and resources. 


The nonprofit also organizes and hosts wellness fairs for the youth and community members of Morgan County. Topics presented include: Alcohol on the Adolescent Brain, Stress Management and Healthy Coping Skills, Exercise, Nutrition (Healthy Plates) and Hygiene. The Partnership also implements The 40 Developmental Assets in the schools, The Boys & Girls Club and the community.


The Partnership also offers a Youth Leadership Program. The annual event provides youth with workshops covering: Goal Setting & Decision Making, Planning & Running a Meeting, Professional Demeanor and Public Speaking & Body Language.


Lastly, The Partnership hosts an area a Teen Court, a unique juvenile justice diversion program that is open to youth in grades 7-12, who will serve as jurors or attorneys. Defendants are youth alleged to have committed an act of delinquency; however charges are dismissed after successfully completing the program. The successful completion of Teen Court requires 16-40 hours of community service as decided by the jury and a minimum of two jury duty assignments; this system holds youth accountable and gives them a sense of community responsibility.



For additional information: Megan Scott, Director

Phone: 304-258-7807, Email: megan@morganpartnership.org, Website: www.morganpartnership.org