2017 Award

2017 Red Wagon Award

High Rocks is the recipient of the 13th annual Red Wagon Award.


The Red Wagon Award is presented to an outstanding organization devoted to improving the lives of young people through providing The Five Promises.


Based in Pocahontas County, High Rocks, is a youth empowerment organization that has worked with young people in West Virginia for 20 years, teaching them how to be strong, confident leaders. This year, High Rocks has served over 500 young people through their programs.


High Rocks equips youth with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to chase their dreams and achieve success by providing The Five Promises:


Caring Adults

High Rocks’ participants establish relationships with caring adults when they first come to camp or attend a youth center, and continue to build on those relationships into early adulthood.


Safe Places

High Rocks provides a safe, creative, healthy space for youth – a judgement free, educational space where “kids from every table in the cafeteria” are welcome and encouraged to use their voice to advocate for what they want and need.


A Healthy Start

Health and wellness are integrated into all High Rocks’ programs teaching participants that healthy living is about more than nutritionally healthy meals.  Mental and emotional health is just as important.


Effective Education

High Rocks believes in the power of project-based education: The best way to learn about music is to write songs; the best way to learn about storytelling is to make a film; the best way to learn about activism is to make powerful art; the best way to learn to be a leader is to actively lead.


Opportunities to Serve

Youth are encouraged to engage with and give back to their communities. They participate in events such as the Possum Trot 5K at the Autumn Harvest Festival in Marlinton; the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in Lewisburg; and Kids & Families Day at the Legislature.


"This camp has given me a path... and a chance to live my life to the fullest. When I get to where I'm going it'll be because High Rocks made me tough and smart enough to get there"

-High Rocks Participant


For additional information: Sarah Riley, Phone: 304-653-4891, Email:  sarah@highrocks.org


“The little red wagon - a symbol of childhood.  It could be filled with a child's hopes and dreams or weighed down with their burdens.  Millions of American children need our help to pull that wagon along.  Let's all pull together." – General Colin L. Powell