Advisory Team

Promise Advisory Team

Pat Blanc, Jefferson County Schools
Peter Daugherty, Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office
Arlene Fernandez-Hospice of Washington County
Sherry Hetzel, Jefferson County Schools
Pat Hubbard, Blue Ridge CTC
Jim Klein, Shepherd University Martinsburg Center Site Director
Tara Mahoney, Jefferson County Schools
Shawn Miller, Job Corps
Charlotte Norris, Burke Street Promise Neighborhood Initiative
Annie Otto, Relatives As Parents Program
Arthena Roper, Jefferson County Schools BOE
Jane Tabb, Jefferson County Commission
Larry Togans, Bank of Charles Town

What is Promise Advisory Team?

The Promise Advisory Team is a comprised collection of individuals who bring unique expert knowledge and skills to the Team that is active and engaged in program development and implementation.


The Promise Advisory Team can make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials that can enhance, and complement West Virginia’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth Director in order to more effectively direct the organization.


Some of the Promise Advisory Team volunteer responsibilities may include being active and engaged in; assisting in developing and planning program development and implementations, services, or policies; giving feedback on program services; providing support and recommendations concerning the evaluation process; planning and implementing public relations activities; and/or raising program funds to sustain the project after VISTA support ends and recruitment, training, project development and partnership building.


The Promise Advisory Team does not have formal authority to govern the organization; the Promise Advisory Team cannot issue directives that must be followed as in the case with a governing Board.


The Promise Advisory Team is not considered a legal body and has no legal obligation or is not responsible for the governance of West Virginia’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth.


An active and effective Promise Advisory Team is an asset to West Virginia’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth because it can: provide a cross sampling of public views and concerns; generate new ideas for future projects; build trusting relationships between organizations and communities; improve planning, decision-making and development of programs; and broaden community connections.


Additionally, the Promise Advisory Team can provide credibility to potential funders and partners because it demonstrates the organization’s commitment to addressing community concerns, and indicates there is community support for the organization.


Members of the Promise Advisory Team benefit from this opportunity by becoming more informed about issues, increasing their sense of community connectedness, influencing decisions about policies and services, and learning valuable decision-making and leadership skills.