Clay County Schools & 21st CCLC


VISTA Activities:  Clay County School’s VISTAs will organize a parent and community volunteer program for each of our schools and for the county 21st CCLC (After School and Summer School Programs).  They will conduct research on best practices and establish the volunteer program guidelines.  They will develop the program at each location and will recruit and train volunteers from among our parents and community members. 


Anti-poverty outcomes:  Our VISTA members will have a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the lives of our students most of whom live in poverty.  Clay County Schools poverty rate is over 70% and we are always in the bottom three counties for poverty from among WV’s 55 counties.  Our homeless rate is over 30% and among the highest rate in our state.  The VISTA members’ impact on disrupting poverty will be enhanced by their service with the school staff to understand children in trauma.

Clay County High School              

Address: PO Box 749, Clay WV 25043

VISTA Site Supervisor: Robert Morris, Assistant Principal


Telephone: 304 587-4226
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: recruiting

Clay County Middle School

Address: PO Box 489, Clay WV 25043

VISTA Site Supervisor: Leslie J. Goe, Principal


Telephone: 304 587-2343
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: Kaylee Asbury

Clay Elementary School 

Address: PO Box 600, Clay WV 25043

VISTA Site Supervisor: Michelle Paxton, Principal


Telephone: 304 587-4276
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: Judy Gross

Big Otter Elem. School

VISTA Site Supervisor: Anthony Boggs, Principal

Address: 59 Ossia Road, Duck, WV 26063


Telephone: 304 286-3111
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: Amanda Greathouse

H. E. White Elem. School

Address: 501 Bomont Road, Bomont, WV 25030

VISTA Site Supervisor: Jamela Krajeski, Principal


Telephone: 304 548-7101
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: Christina Belt

Lizemore Elementary School

Address: 100 Lizemore Lion Rd, Lizemore, WV 25125

VISTA Site Supervisor: Britni Ramsey, Principal


Telephone: 304 587-4823
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: Hannah Holcomb

Clay County Schools 21st CCLC

Address: PO Box 489, Clay WV 25043

VISTA Site Supervisor: Director Dr. Michelle Samples


Telephone: 304 587-4694
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: Tasha Jones