West Virginia University Extension Service

WVU Extension is an educational/service outreach program of the university and federal, state and local governments. The major programs and services are Agricultural Education, Master Gardeners, 4-H and Youth Development, Nutrition Outreach, and Childcare Development.

West Virginia University Extension Service

County: Boone
455 Foster Road
Foster, WV 25081-6235
Phone: 304-369-5869
Fax: 304-369-4422
VISTA Site Supervisor: Philip See
Email: philip.see@mail.wvu.edu
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: recruiting

County: Fayette
104 E. Wiseman Avenue
Fayetteville, WV 25840-1230
Phone: 304-574-4253
Fax: 304-574-4321
VISTA Site Supervisor: Andrea Mender
Email: andrea.mender@mail.wvu.edu
AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: recruiting

County: Kanawha
4700 MacCorkle Ave SE Suite 101
Charleston, WV 25304
VISTA Site Supervisor: Sherry Swint
Phone: 304-720-9889
Email: sherry.swint@mail.wvu.edu 
VISTA Site Supervisor: Jessica Pollitt-Hudson
Phone: 304-720-9573
Email: jessica.pollitt@mial.wvu.edu

County: Roane
VISTA Site Supervisor: Brandy Brabham
Phone: 304-927-0975
Email: Brandy.Brabham@mail.wvu.edu

AmeriCorps Promise VISTA: Kellie Rose
Email: aiedonsmom@yahoo.com