AmeriCorps VISTA Project

West Virginia’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth provides VISTA resources to children and youth serving organizations that demonstrate an anti-poverty focus in West Virginia. Promise VISTA members are placed throughout the state in child/youth serving organizations to develop and enhance educational programs focusing on fulfilling the Five Promises.  Members identify, enhance and increase community awareness to mobilize communities to provide the Promises to children and youth and to sustain programs by increasing funding to support program development.

VISTA resources should be used to provide a sustainable solution to poverty, not just making poverty more tolerable.  All Promise VISTA Site Projects must be developed in accordance with AmeriCorps VISTA’s core principles: an anti-poverty focus; community empowerment; sustainable solutions; and capacity building.

How can your organization apply for a VISTA resource?
To be eligible for a VISTA resource, your organization must be a public, private, or faith-based nonprofit, or a local, state, or federal agency. If your organization is interested in becoming a Partner Host Site for a Promise VISTA please fill out the

How can you apply to serve as a VISTA member?
apply as an AmeriCorps VISTA candidate, and register by completing your profile, username and password. Return to the "My AmeriCorps" portal, sign-in, and complete your online application. After your online application is complete, you can submit it to West Virginia’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth or other projects. Steps to Applying will assist in the process.

The VISTA Summer Associates program offers individuals the opportunity to become engaged in a community through an existing VISTA project for 8 to 10 weeks during the summer. 

2015-2016 Biennial Report

Our VISTA Partner Sites: 
West Virginia's Promise

Black Cat Music Cooperative

The Salavation Army Boys and Girls Club of Charleston

Camp Vigil Tate

Clay County Schools

Grow Ohio Valley

Ohio Valley University  

Pocahontas County Family Resource Network 

Pollen 8, Inc

Potomac Valley Audubon Society  

Stockert Youth Center

WVU Extension Service

Youth Services System, Inc