AmeriCorps VISTA Project

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​West Virginia’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth is currently accepting applications from non-profit organizations, schools and state agencies to gain a VISTA resource to focus on developing, enhancing and sustaining educational programs focusing on fulfilling the Five Promises for children & youth. VISTAs members serve to strengthen and supplement efforts to eliminate and alleviate poverty, and to increase funding resources to support programs. VISTA resources are used to pro​vide a sustainable solution to poverty, not just making poverty more tolerable.  All Promise VISTA Site Projects must be developed in accordance with AmeriCorps VISTA’s core principles: an anti-poverty focus; community empowerment; sustainable solutions; and capacity building.

 WV's Promise Magaine 2020-2022.pdf

How can your organization apply for a VISTA resource?
To be eligible for a VISTA resource, your organization must be a public, private, or faith-based nonprofit, or a local, state, or federal agency. If your organization is interested in becoming a Partner Host Site for a Promise VISTA please fill out the Host Site Application

How do candidates apply to serve as a VISTA member?
To apply as an AmeriCorps VISTA candidate, and register by completing your profile, username and password. Return to the "My AmeriCorps" portal, sign-in, and complete your online application. After your online application is complete, you can submit it to West Virginia’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth or other projects. Steps to Applying will assist in the process.  
VISTA Summer Associate AmeriCorps VISTA program offers individuals the opportunity to become engaged in a community through West Virginia's Promise VISTA project for 8, 9, 10 weeks during the summer.