Mission: HoH-Share Inc. seeks to Creatively meet the needs of the poor with Solutions that rise up out of the people who need them. HoH-Share oversees 6 projects: The MoJo Center for Resilient Community, Art-Share, Street MOMS, Trash Talkers, Supporting Fellowship of Catholic Worker houses of the Northern Panhandle and The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground. 
History: The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground was initially the product of the children of East Wheeling who had nowhere to play, nor anything to play with. Their families being very poor and under a lot of stress factors were unable to meet the play development needs of the children. With nothing to play with or anywhere to play, the children started playing in abandoned houses, which was extremely dangerous. ​
HoH-Share Inc. was founded after realizing there frequently is a disconnect between social services and the people who needed them, often because the whole-picture realities of the poor are frequently misunderstood. HoH-Share Inc.'s creative projects not only answer a need but provide a platform for understanding why the need exists and includes working towards solutions that stem from the people who need them. Our projects are called "Shares" because we believe each is an opportunity to be invested in our community, as well as each other. Our low income-neighbors/members oversee each project "Share" and guide what is accomplished.

Executive Director: Kate Marshall 
Site Supervisor: Rebecca Hedrick
Address: 87 15th St. Suite 436 Wheeling, WV 26003
Telephone: 304-218-8373