OH-WV Youth Leadership Association

​​Ohio, West Virginia Youth Leadership Association

The proposed project is Youth Programs Expansion. The goal of this project is to increase the effectiveness of the YLA programs in delivering the 5 Promises throughout targeted low-income communities in West Virginia and Ohio, resulting in youth who rise above poverty as responsible and successful citizens, with a desire to give back to their communities. This will be accomplished through evaluation of current programs, program development, increased marketing, volunteer management, and alumni relations.

Mission: We believe that helping youth achieve their full potential is our primary mission. We seek to help youth develop leadership and citizenship skills for a lifelong commitment to service through character-building programs for all that strengthen spirit, mind and body. All of our programs promote the following values: leadership, character, service, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Our vision is that persons with YLA experience will be in every community, creating better futures for all.

Executive Director: David King
Email: david@ylaleads.org
Site Supervisor: Leslie Barton
Email: leslie@ylaleads.org 
Telephone: (304) 478-2481
Cave Lake: Address: 1132 Bell Hollow Road, Latham, OH 45646-9715
Camp Horseshoe: Address: 3309 Horseshoe Run Road, Parsons, WV 26287​