Zion Child Development Center

Zion was created by a group of people that worked in a previous daycare setting.  The common goal of these people was to create a program that was more than just childcare.  They wanted to help children be successful.  Out of this desire, Zion was born.

Every child needs a strong support system in order to be successful. Zion Child Development Center, located in Charleston, WV, strives to build strong relationships between parents, students, caregivers and the community.  We provide a high quality, developmentally appropriate program that focuses on the whole child.  Our educational experiences promote social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. We focus on supporting the whole child, giving them every chance to become a future vital member of society.  Zion’s philosophy is to “Begin with the End in Mind”.

Our program benefits mostly low-income children, primarily from the West Side of Charleston and many Foster Children. 
Our program and facility has benefitted those, specifically, in cases where Trauma Informed Care and social-emotional education are needed.

Site Supervisor: Micha Webb
Site Address:  1720, 5th Avenue Charleston, WV 25387
Email: michawebb@frontier.com 

Phone: 304-549-3148

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