2009 Regionals & State Summit

Regional Summits
Region 1, Summit Coordinator Cindy Nicholson
Region 1, Summit Coordinator Rachel Kellar
Region 2 & 4, Summit Coordinator, Chris Merritt
Region 3 & 5, Summit Coordinator, Stella Moon
Region 4 & 7, Summit Coordinator, April Alderman
Region 4, Summit Coordinator, Idress Gooden
Region 5 & 6, Summit Coordinator, Rev. Matthew Watts
Region 6, Summit Coordinator, Michelle Willams

State Summit 

Action Plan Report and Attachments

West Virginia Survey Report Within a few days of the State Summit, America's Promise invited attendees to complete an online survey sent through email. State Summit on High School Graduation & Dropout Prevention, youth and adult presenters spoke on the struggles they had growing up and the lack of the Five Promises in their lives and the importance of someone caring.

Promises to Keep A "Human" report from the State Summit on Dropout Prevention is now complete and available. The report was a combined effort of Pam Dugan, Director of WVs' Promise, Ray Sanders, Office Manager with WV Department of Education and the Arts and Betty Knighton, Director of WV Center for Civic Life.

The State Summit on High School Graduation & Dropout Prevention was a great success with over 270 attending, participating in dialog about issues related to the dropout crisis.
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West Virginia Dropout Prevention Summit

Officials eye high school graduation rates

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